About me

Hello guys and all the travelers around the world!

First of all, thank you for visiting my website!

My name is Renata and as you can probably imagine I love traveling – especially solo traveling to the European cities (I am mad about it, to be honest).

Why hostels? Lately, I fell in love to spend time in hostels due to they are so friendly and it becomes very pleasant to have accomodation in such places.

If you have some experience with hostel accomodation, we can hopefully agree on the following advantage:  you can meet a lot of great, interesting people you can share your experience with, hostels usualy have great deals and prices (here depends on when you do the booking and how is the required time occupied). Some of the hostels are in great places within the city, which makes traveling easier as well.

In my opinion, staying in some interesting and popular hostel can grow your visit experience all over, which is worth to share – this is why I have made this website.

So – if you are looking for the right hostel accomodation, you are in the right place. If you are enthusiastic about the hostel accomodation and like to find some recommendation, you are on the right page definitely and if you are maybe a solo traveler, who thinks that knows the best hostels in Europe, then I am here for you to listen to your thoughts and experience as well!

I have not visited all European countries, but I have visited most of them and currently, I am on the way to travel to other ones, as much as time allows. But, the experience I have in relation to the hostels is, I believe, sufficient to advise which one to choose if you really like to spend a wonderful time on your way! Of course, as my list of the visited cities grows, I will add the most actual information and recommendation! If you subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on socials, you will be aware of all the new experiences I have gained lately.

I will be happy if YOU share your experience as well (in the comment section) so everyone could read your own experience, no matter whether it fits my own opinion or not. Thank you in advance for your kind comment and time spend on my website. I wish you a pleasant time and a lot of fun searching for the best hostels in European cities!