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Best hostels in Copenhagen/Denmark

I would like to reveal one secret to you – Denmark is based in my opinion one of the best countries in the world! People, culture, food, the way how they live (have you already heard about Hygge?), almost everything is fantastic when I think about Denmark and Danish people.

I have spent in Denmark some time during my studies in High school and since then I love this country very much and if there is any chance to travel to Denmark I am always happy (maybe I was a Viking in my previous life…):)

Last year I have spent some time in Copenhagen, which is the capital city of Denmark and I have to admit, this city becomes one of the most interesting, progressive and unfortunately also expensive cities in Europe. By the way – if you have not visited Tivoli yet, I definitely recommend visiting this place – it is so beautiful so it would be a sin for me to visit Copenhagen without visiting Tivoli as well!

Top hostels in Copenhagen


You may probably think if Copenhagen is so expensive, the accomodation even in a hostel will be automatically expensive as well – fortunately, if you choose the right place to stay in and make the booking in advance (I always recommend 3 months at least before arrival) it does not need to be expensive at all and you can even save some money for one meal – e.g. breakfast, which is sometimes included in the price as well.

When I was looking for the best place to stay, I have compared a lot of offered properties and the one I really liked was Steel House Copenhagen due to the great location near the city center and Tivoli Gardens, very modern and industrial equipment I was looking forward to seeing on my own.

The price was very reasonable and the offer of mixed, private and female dorms was also sufficient, therefore, I have chosen this one. Although breakfast is not included in the price, you can buy it for 49 DKK, or there is always a chance to buy breakfast nearby the property as there is a lot of interesting cafés and restaurants in the surroundings.

What is great about this hostel there is the pool inside the building, you can even join yoga classes or visit fitness. This is something you can‘t find in most of the hostels.

There is a front desk available 24 hours, but you can also download their App and get the key through this App without the need of checking in the front desk – this is really cool, don‘t you think? This is a very original property all over, worth to visit!

Let‘s now see what are the best hostels in Copenhagen I would recommend:

#1 Steel House Copenhagen

 City center, near Tivoli Gardens and all shopping streets

Steel house Copenhagen

During searching for the ideal hostel in Copenhagen I have come to Steel House Copenhagen and as the name of the hostel reveals, it is a modern hostel with an industrial look. So, if you appreciate this New York style, which includes raw elements, soft textures, and rustic interiors, this hostel is what are you looking for!

Among all the features and facilities, this hostel offers can‘t be missed to mention the laundry room and luggage lockers, free wi-fi in the whole property is a sure thing!

#2 Annex Copenhagen

Broader center of Copenhagen

Annex Copenhagen

Cheaper hostel than the previous one and located in downtown Copenhagen, still close to the main attraction and to the train station. It is connected to a hotel so you can use some common facilities as well. Former visitors appreciate the cleanness and polite staff. There is wi-fi available in the whole property, rooms are cozy and nicely decorated.

You can rent or park a bike in this place without a problem. This property offers private rooms and dorms, there are newly renovated bathrooms on the floors. There is a lot of restaurants, bars, and shops in the surroundings.

#3 Sleep in Heaven

Broader center of Copenhagen

Sleep in heaven

What can already say the name of the hostel, in this property you will sleep like in heaven. Located in multicultural Norrebro, this hostel has been established in the year 1999 so it has its history. In the surroundings, you can find second-hands stores and alternative bars. The hostel offers a bar, café, outdoor terrace, pool tables, a welcoming atmosphere and a lot of different dorms as well as private rooms.

There are no kitchen facilities in this hostel so if you plan to cook, this would not be the right hostel. As this hostel present itself as a youth hostel, there is an age limit of 16-35 for dormitories accomodation.  Former visitors mostly appreciate friendly staff, cool and cozy atmosphere, and comfy beds.

#4 Generator Copenhagen

City center

Generator Copenhagen

Great location, ideally for those travelers, who like to get on foot everywhere they need and still staying in a cozy and friendly place for a reasonable price. Clean rooms, friendly staff, and free wi-fi – the basic, which should offer currently each hostel is here a sure thing, other than that is this hostel party hostel – so if you looking for some quiet place to stay, this is not the property you should choose.

Still has this property the so-called Hygge atmosphere so if you would feel the authentic touch of Danish culture, this is a great place where to find it!

As a part of this property is also a bar/club, where you can also chill in and meet other visitors, the location offers safeness and fast and comfy access to the vibrant city center!

#5 Danhostel Copenhagen

Broader center of Copenhagen

Danhostel Copenhagen

And here we come with the biggest European hostel! Danhostel Copenhagen with its 1.020 beds is really a unique place, worth to visit. Suitable for single travelers as well as for family accomodation –  you can choose from a lot of dorms and private rooms for a very reasonable price! As a big plus is also the fact, that this hostel is located a few minutes away from the terminal Bus and train station.

There is also a bar in the building and if you prefer to have breakfast in the hostel restaurant, it is not for free, but for a very symbolic price. Former visitors appreciate big rooms, great atmosphere, fantastic view from the upper floors and of course, the location of the hostel.

#6 Urban House Copenhagen

City center, near Tivoli Gardens

Urban House Copenhagen

Urban House Copenhagen by Meininger is a trendy, self-service hostel in vibrant Vesterbro, 2 minutes’ walk from Copenhagen Central Station. At Urban House Copenhagen, guests can choose between private rooms with a bathroom or dormitories with shared facilities.

All rooms include linen, towels and individual reading lights. Dorm rooms provide personal lockers. Padlocks can be purchased from the front desk or you can take your own!

Local craft beer and live music can be enjoyed at the bar. Guests can mingle in the billiards lounge and the courtyard garden. A designated quiet room and a movie room are also found. Urban House also hosts bike and running tours in the city, and yoga classes.

The breakfast buffet is free of plastic containers and utensils for a sustainable environment. Featuring hamburgers, the restaurant and snack kiosk are open throughout the day. A communal kitchen, a laundry room and luggage lockers are found on site.

#7 Woodah Hostel

Broader center of the city

Woodah Hostel


Located in Vesterbro district, this hostel offers an in-house bar and café, as well as rooms with free Wi-Fi access. Copenhagen Central Station is 7 minutes’ walk away. Bed linen is included in all Woodah Hostel rooms. Bathroom facilities are shared.

Hostel Woodah has an on-site art shop. Guests can relax in the outdoor seating area. Yoga classes are available nearby for a charge. A breakfast based on organic products is served every morning. Snacks, drinks and fruit can be bought in the café, and baggage storage is included.


Tivoli Copenhagen

Whether you choose one of the hostels in our selection or another one, we recommend you to be prepared for quite an expensive experience here in Copenhagen. But it worths it! In the last 10 years was this city rebuilt and modernized (you can recognize it also on the accomodation properties) and when you come here, you feel the vibrant atmosphere with a lot of places full of young people enjoying their life in this capital city of Denmark.

You also cannot miss the new harbor (Nyhavn in danish) full of stylish restaurants and bars, where you can also buy some boat trip – there is a lot of places to get with the boat and based on my personal experience it worths it (and it is not expensive at all, even in Summer, trust me)!

Almost the whole city center could be reached by feet, there is also a nice riverbank walk to get also to the famous Mermaid. In general, Copenhagen is a fantastic place to stay a few days and be fulfilled by the so-called danish well-being atmosphere. Maybe, be prepared that you probably won‘t leave this city if you are like me – already planning another visit.

8 thoughts on “Best hostels in Copenhagen/Denmark

  1. Though I know of Copenhagen being a great place of beauty and love, I never thought it could be this much in luxury as presented in each of the hostels. Though they are just hostels but then, they are really beautiful to behold and the tranquil serenity is just simply great and loving. Thank you so much for this. I’d have all these on my bucket list if I ever visit Copenhagen

    1. Hello Roddarick!

      Nice to hear from you! Copenhagen is definitely worthed to visit as it is fantastic city – but as mentioned, it is very expensive, therefore is choosing some reasonably priced accomodation is one step how to somehow save money and still be close to all favorite places in the city center. We are happy to show something useful, hopefully you will take a trip there and let us know what you think afterward!

      Have a great time!

      Bye Renata

  2. Copenhagen is an historic city,made famous in books and films,and the little mermaid, is an iconic world famous statue,and it has an harbor, it has a continual traffic of ships,goods and of course travelers.

    Because everything is so expensive, hotels are out of the reach, of most ordinary tourists,so many of the young people, stay in hostels,and because of the volume of tourists, it is advisable to book three months in advance, even in hostels. 

    The biggest hostel Danhostel,has over a thousand beds,it is very convenient to train terminus, and bus station,and can accommodate, both families in private rooms, and singles in the dormitories.there is a restaurant, with reasonable prices available.

    The Steel house is recommended, it is a modern hostel,with a New York style,industrial look,It has a laundry room,and has luggage lockers, to lock your stuff up in,and for the computer people,it has free Wi-Fi connections.It is in the city center,and is near to the Tivoli Gardens and the shops.

    There are many sights to see,the New harbor,with many stylish restaurants, you can also take several boat trips, and a riverbank walk, to the little Mermaid statue,

    1. Hello Robert!

      Nice to hear from you! You are right, there is a history of Copenhagen, especially due to little mermaid. Due to the strategic position of this city, it is convenient to get there by boat or ship as well. There is a lot to do in Copenhagen, which could be surprising for people, which used to visit Paris, Rome or London. We recommend Tivoli Gardens due to fantastic design in each time of the year, relaxation and gastronomy possibilities and the atmosphere all over.

      Anyway, thank you for your sum up and for visiting our website!

      Bye Renata

  3. Hello Renata. It wouldn’t be easy to find the best hostels in a town I have not visited before, so thank you for taking your time to do proper research and presenting to us the best hostels in Copenhagen.

    Copenhagen is a beautiful and interesting city to live and those hostels and properties you recommended are nice and are noted if I ever had a chance to visit Copenhagen.

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for your kind comment!
      Hopefully, you will pick some hostel from our list and enjoy the visit. Copenhagen becomes quite popular lately and I fully recommend to go there in Summer or later spring as the weather makes a difference due to the sea position.

      Have a great pre-Christmas time and thank you for visiting our website!

      Bye Renata

  4. All the five hostels are cool. I prefer Number 2 which is Annex Copenhagen. Like you said, it is cheaper. You said some nice stuffs about it. I love cozy and nicely decorated rooms and the polite staffs.

    I am an internet lover so I am glad that there is a free WiFi network there so I can have easy and free access to the internet at any time. Really cool.

    1. Hello!

      Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment!

      It is nice to hear that you would pick some hostel from our list, therefore we have done this list – for other travelers, who love to stay in a hostel – this kind of accomodation become quite popular lately.

      Have a great time!

      Bye Renata

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