Best hostels in Oslo
Northern Europe,  Norway

Best hostels in Oslo/Norway

Oslo – one of the biggest surprises happened when I have visited this city one year ago – I have never thought it will be so bright, modern city and I had the feeling it is a great place to live and work. Fantastic city with a lot of nice and polite people, that are proud to be Norwegian (I cannot blame them, next life I want to be a Norwegian as well), or just for living in Oslo – that was the feeling I had.

It is true it was Summer when I was in Oslo and therefore I recommend this time of the year for visiting as well – you can walk along Aker Brygge (a very modern and beautiful part of Oslo I fell in love with during my visit), have some rest in some of the restaurants here, or, if you are a biathlon maniac as I am, you can go to Holmenkollen and see this fantastic place above the Oslo fjord.

Or you just could go through the city, check the shops, discover the Ankerhus (the city walls on the top of the city if you look up from Aker Brygge or the Townhall). We also very recommend visiting some of the great museums  Oslo offers (I visited the Fram museum and it was stunning!) on the Bygdoy peninsula – you can get there with a ferry leaving right from the city wall. Or, go for a walk along the river bank to the recently built Grand Opera house – a great place to just chill-out, or visit some great opera or ballet!

best hostels in Oslo

You can simply spend a great day in Oslo and get the feeling where you have been all the time and why you have not known about this fantastic place before! Yes, indeed, it is a great place to stay and live, but a very expensive one at the same time – one of the most expensive cities in Europe, I assure you that!

For these purposes, we have selected the top 5 hostels you can spend your nights in Oslo and not get poor:D. Because honestly, it would be a pity to spend a lot of money on accomodation and do not enjoy their gastronomy (especially for the seafood lovers it is a paradise) and everything else what Oslo offers.

Let‘s now see on the top 5 hostels you can enjoy in Oslo!

#1 Saga Poshtel Oslo Central


Saga Poshtel Oslo Central

…trendy, chic, vibrant atmosphere – this is what you can expect from this hostel, located in the heart of Oslo´s city center. This hostel is newly renovated, with state of art facilities and modern decór. Suitable for backpackers, families and simply for everyone who wants to relax and feel at home.

There is easy access to public transport, to the shopping venues and all sightseeing places nearby. This property offers a lot of different dorms and private rooms as well. There is plenty of chill-out rooms, lobby bar, breakfast hall, where a free breakfast buffet is served daily! Wi-fi is available through the whole building and towels and linen are included, so no need to take yours.

#2 Anker Hostel


Anker hostel

If you want to get a unique experience from staying in a hostel, we recommend Anker hostel – located in popular and modern areas of Oslo named Grünerløkka and just a few minutes’ walks from the main street (Karl Johan). It is very closed to most of the big concert halls as Oslo Spectrum, Sentrum Scene, and Rockefeller.

There is a lot of rooms and dorms available – for families, groups and single travelers, towels, and linen are not included in the price so take yours or rent some. Free wi-fi is available in the whole building. For guests, there are a lot of facilities available as a lobby, library,  lounge area and bar. There is also parking available if you travel by car!

#3 Club 27


Club 27

Looking forward to meeting new people? If so, is this hostel right place to stay in Oslo! Located in the heart of Oslo, just throw away from many major tourist attractions, such as Aker Brygge, Royal Palace, Norwegian National Opera, and Ballet. There are non-smoking rooms only, free wi-fi, shared kitchen and there is luggage storage for guests available as well.

This property is situated next to the Norwegian local Bar, with a great relaxing atmosphere. Former visitors appreciate a great atmosphere, a good place near to the train station and helpful staff.

#4 Anker Apartment


Anker Apartment

A brand new property in Oslo city center with a lot of private rooms, which have own kitchen facilities for preparing own food. This property also offers dorms with common facilities – showers, toilets, kitchen. Towel and linen are not included, if you have not yours, you can rent at reception. The breakfast is available for a fee. There is a lot of dorms and private rooms available for a very reasonable price!

Former visitors appreciate nice and kind staff with great English knowledge, cleanness of the hostel and the access to the city center. Also note it is not so suitable for solo travelers, based on former visitor’s opinions.

#5 Oslo Youth Hostel Haraldsheim


Oslo Youth hostel Haraldsheim

If you are traveling with children and need a parking place (and free breakfast as a nice bonus), is this property a great option! Evaluated very well by former customers due to a convenient stay, fully equipped kitchen, quiet location, parking possibilities, and nice view. It is far from the city center (25 minutes to go by bus), but still worth considering if you want to avoid the crowded city center, especially at night.

It looks like a summer school camp, so if you like such places, it could be a good choice for a reasonable price – this property offers dorms and private rooms as well so you would have a lot of options to choose from.

best hostels in Oslo

Oslo is a city worth to visit! No matter in which time of the year (here depends on if you appreciate more light or less and whether you like colder weather or not) you are going there – there will be always something interesting to see/eat and enjoy! In winter you can enjoy the museums – Fram or any other on the Bygdoy peninsula or visit Opera house.

In Summer you can enjoy walking the river banks, have a picnic in some of the parks this city offers. During Spring you can enjoy the feasts (especially on 8th May) – there is simply always a great reason for visiting Oslo – and we recommend to include this place to your travel itinerary as well!


  • Katja

    ”We have selected the top 5 hostels you can spend your nights in Oslo and not get poor.” Hahaha, you made me laugh so hard! I guess it really is on everyone’s mind how not to spend all of your money while visiting Oslo.

    I have to say that my favorite from your list is Saga Poshtel. Its modern décor looks amazing, and the fact that it’s located in the city center makes it a perfect choice in my opinion (free breakfast buffet sure do help too!).

    Thank you for giving me yet another great tip!

  • Renata

    Hello Katja!

    Thank you for your kind comment! Yes, it is truth it is everyone’s choice whether choosing to spend a lot of money for accomodation or not, but we believe our visitors are mostly the ones, which like to save some money and therefore (not as an only reason) looking for hostel accomodation – this is also our goal, to be honest.

    Anyway, the hostel in Oslo could be a great place to spend the nights and we definitely recommend all the listed hostel. We are happy to recommend some you would appreciate!

    Have a great pre-Christmas time and thank you for stopping by!

    Bye Renata

  • Jonathon Howard

    Reading this might have helped me make the choice on where my wife and I will go on vacation next it’s always a great thing to have helpful insight on quality affordable hotels so you can enjoy more of the things the place has to offer I love seafood as well so if we go we will definitely have to give that a try. This place sounds like a realy nice relaxed place to go for a vacation Thanks for the helpful information on the things it has to offer and the best options in hotels as well I’ll definitely be showing this to my wife thank you ive been trying to Come up with a new vacation idea for a while now this one really appeals to me -Jonathon

    • Renata

      Hello Jonathon!

      Thank you for your kind comment and for stopping by! We are glad we have put some great suggestion you can take into consideration during planning the trip to Oslo – this is a great city, I was very surprised of its beauty, modern buildings and the great atmosphere – I totally recommend visiting this city!

      Have a great time and wish you all the best!

      Bye Renata

  • PeterMinea

    Hello Renata!

    Norway is indeed a very civilized country and so is its capital! Beautiful buildings in Oslo, summers cannot be very warm… although winters may be problematic due to lower temperatures and long nights.

    If you visit a hostel in Oslo in June or July, you have a good occasion to enjoy the midnight sun, along the nice insights of Saga Poshtel, Anker Apartment (I find they have quite nice looks), or any other hostel you may like out there.

    Spending a few days in Oslo may be expensive, it is true, but it’s worth to go there at least one time in life!

    Also, Club 27 has a cute woody furniture.

    If you like snow at Christmas, you may give Oslo a try within the next weeks :).

    Best regards,


    • Renata

      Hello Peter!

      You have completed my post very well, thank you for that! I absolutely agree with you this city worths visit at least once in a life, so we came with this selection of cheaper accomodation properties, which could also make the visit more cheerful and favorable!

      So, I wish you a great advent time and it was nice to hear from you!

      Bye Renata

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