Best hostels in Prague/Czech Republic

Lucky you if you have already visited Prague – the capital city of the Czech republic! Or, if you plan to go to Prague and looking for the best hostel Prague offers, you are in the right place!

Prague is a city I live 15 years already and I have still so impressed by its beauty. From my experience, most of the people living in Prague love this city very much and are not willing to live anywhere else in the world.

Because – where you can get the best beer in the world, earn enough money for convenient living, and in case you need some culture, history or countryside – you don’t need to take many steps to get those!

Prague is simply deep in my heart and if you have not visited this wonderful historical city, I am inviting you to do so!

If you are interested in typical Czech cuisine, even in the centre of the city you can have those for a reasonable price, the same is valid for accommodation – no matter which one you choose, there are plenty of possibilities in the centre or broader centre of the city.

If you have visited our website, you probably searching for some fancy hostel in Prague – let’s now look at the top 10 hostels in Prague you would appreciate based on our and former visitors opinion!

We also invite you to read carefully information about Prague public transport due to it works little bit different than in other European cities so to avoid some fine, we have put the most important information together to help you understand the system of Prague public transport.

#1 Hostel One Miru

Broader center of Prague, tram, and metro easy access to city centre

If you are interested to stay in a hostel, where you can be very social and at the same time close to the city centre, we recommend this hostel near to Namest Miru! It is quite a small 40-bed hostel with a variety of mixed dorms and also private doubles. A place where you can appreciate a well-equipped kitchen as well.

As it is more party hostel, if you are looking for a quiet place to stay in, this would not be the right place for you. Former guests also mainly appreciate the environment and friendly staff. This hostel offers family dinner and evening activities, so even when you travel alone, you can become a part of the traveler’s family. You can also meet other travellers in a big cozy lounge room where you can find Playstation and TV.

Hostel One Miru


#2 Hostel One Home

City centre

If there is a hostel ideal for solo travellers, it is this Hostel one Home in the city centre, where you can really feel like at home. It is just a few meters next to the main train station. This hostel offers free dinner each day, have 24 hours reception and if you are interested in breakfast only, it is offered for a very reasonable price!

There is also free Wi-fi, hairdryers. iron, computers, TV, and PlayStation available. You can use luggage storage and lockers as well.

Hostel One Home


#3 The MadHouse Prague

City centre

As the name of the hostel already reveal, this hostel is really a social and party hostel, where you can meet interesting people during common dinner or evening activities within Prague.

It has 7 years’ history, so is quite young hostel and if you wish to enjoy some crazy stuff during your stay in Prague as skydiving or shooting range, this property is the right for you! Don‘t worry, this hostel will be full of such cool people as you are. including the staff!

If you are a solo traveler, don‘t worry you will be all by yourself in this hostel. In opposite, if you are looking for a quiet place, it is also not suitable. Former guests were very happy and appreciate the staff, place, and atmosphere of this hostel, so go for it, if you like to socialise and ready to enjoy some crazy stuff during your stay in this property!


#4 Hostel One Prague 

A popular part of Prague called “Žižkov” with a lot of pubs, easy tram access to the city centre.

Have you already heart about Žizkov in relation to parties in Prague? If not, I can recommend you this great quarter of Prague – it is full of young students, full of pubs and great restaurants.

So, expect there will be a great atmosphere in this hostel, which offers a variety of mixed dorms as well as private double rooms. There is a bar downstairs where you can socialise and if you really like to meet new people, you can also join free dinner this hostel offers.

Hostel One Prague


#5 Adam&Eva Hostel 

Broader center of the city called “Anděl” – a very popular place with a lot of shops, pubs, easy tram and metro access to the city center

If you are looking for a quiet place to stay, but where you also can share your Prague experience and meet new people, there is a hostel in a very modern and popular quarter of Prague called Andel. You can easily go to the old city via trams or underground, so no worry about that.

This hostel is not a party hostel, but a place, where you can relax in quiet. You can also cook your own meal in a fully equipped kitchen, a supermarket is 5 minutes away.

There is Wi-fi available for free in the whole building and you can borrow pc and use their printer as well. Linen and towels are also included, no need to take your own! The hostel offers rooms for smaller groups of 4 people and double/twin rooms.

Adam&Eva Hostel


#6 McSleep Hostel Prague

City centre

Located in the heart of Prague, newly constructed premises will make you feel like at home! It is a premium family hostel, where you can easily connect with other travellers.  There is an amazing lounge with TV, very fast free wi-fi and you can also enjoy tea and coffee amenities in the equipped kitchen.

This hostel provides only 22 beds – 2 female dorms and 2 mixed dorms. It is very well evaluated by former guests for cleanness, location, and friendly staff.

McSleep Hostel Prague


#7 Post Hostel Prague 

Broader centre of Prague, tram, and metro easy access to the city centre

If you looking for a very original designed hostel, you cannot be wrong with this hostel! Located in the broader centre of the city, very close public transport, offers a variety of mixed dorms and private double rooms. In this hostel, you never feel alone!

This property is quite new and organizes trips to local pubs or parks. You can also enjoy Play Station, Table football or Darts inside this hostel. If you have come to Prague to try the best beer in the world, you can do so also in their bar, where some cheap snacks are available as well. They have also free coffee and tea facilities you can enjoy the whole day.

Every bed has a reading light, power point and privacy curtains, they provide you with free linen (no need to take yours, but take the towel and padlock).

Former guests appreciate the comfort and cleanness of this hostel, there are free luggage storage and friendly staff.


Post Hostel Prague


#8 Hostel DownTown Prague

City centre

If you like to be in the centre of the city, is this hostel the right place for you! Here, you will be really close to National Theatre as well as to Charles Bridge. This property offers free wifi and buffet breakfast.

Rooms are newly decorated and there are offered double rooms as well as mixed dorms. You can find there a big common room, where you can play football, play guitar, table games or enjoy a library with lot of books. or you can chill on the sofa with many pillows.

There is an equipped kitchen to be used for free and where you can prepare your meal 24 hours a day. Shops are all around, no worries to stay hungry!


Hostel DownTown Prague


#9 St Christopher’s Inn Prague 

Broader centre of Prague, tram, and metro easy access to the city centre

We have shown quite small hostels so far, but this one is really big – has a variety of mixed dorms (even for 34 people) – so there is plenty of space in this hostel. Located in a beautiful restored 19th-century building in the broader centre, but close to public transport is this place great for chilling no matter if you are a solo traveler or you travel in a bigger group.

You can also join buffet breakfast (not for free), free Wi-fi, 24 hours reception, luggage storage, and equipped kitchen. There is a lot of pubs, boutique shops, parks, and restaurants nearby and to get to the city centre just take some tram and you are there in a few minutes. There is also bar and café in the house, so you would have everything needed just in one place!


St Christopher's Inn Prague


#10 Sophie’s Hostel

City centre

If you looking for a modern hostel close to Wenceslas square, Sophie’s hostel is the right one we would recommend. It is a small, modern, charming hostel with minimalist decoration. There is a lot of variable dorms available as well as private double rooms. This hostel is fully non-smoking, so if you are a passionate smoker, we don‘t recommend to try this one.

Nearby you can find a lot of restaurants with traditional Czech food. Former guest appreciates the great location, cleanness, good equipment, safe neighbourhood, and nice atmosphere. The also hostel offers free Wi-fi, breakfast (not for free), lockers, linen included in the price. This hostel has already some history so no worry to try it, you won‘t regret!


Sophie's Hostel


Prague public transport

You can use tram and metro to get fast to the city center – the Prague metro (underground) is one of the newest in Europe and also very modern. Especially the new station of C-line (e.g. Strizkov) is very contemporary.

Střížkov metro station_outside view

Be aware of buying the ticket before you go for a bus/tram or metro. There are ticket inspectors which in case you do not have a valid ticket, are entitled to give you a fine in amount 1500 CZK (appr. 55 Eur/63 USD)  – if you pay it right away it is decreased to 800 CZK (appr. 30 Eur/33 USD).

The price of the tickets for a single person you can find here:

Prague public transport_fares

There are ticket vending machines in each metro station, you can also buy an SMS ticket or buy a ticket on the machine right after you get on the tram. The good news is it is possible to pay by credit card in most of the machines already so there is no need to have cash! You can buy the ticket also from some tobacconists or wholesalers.

vending machines in trams_prague public transport

Be aware after purchasing the ticket (this is not valid for the new machines in the trams as per the picture above) you need to validate it in some of the yellow validating machines installed in bus, trams and the entrance to the underground.

How to buy a ticket for PT in Prague