Top 5 hostels in London
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Top 5 hostels in London/England

There is not much youth hostel London would offer, to be fully honest, but still there are some quality hostel properties you could pick from if you really want to spend your stay in hostel when visiting London! It is for sure an expensive city, accommodation is not cheap at all (especially when you book it just before you go, so here I recommend to book accommodation at least 3 months before the visit, 5 months before it is ideal even in case of hostel accommodation).

I can recognise two groups of visitors when I say London: those who love this city and those who don’t like it at all. I personally love this city very much and do not miss any chance to go there either in Summer as in Winter. Every time I find something new, something I have missed last time and always I am surprised and impressed by how it changes, how many people go there each year and how is this city amazing and full of polite people. And they really mean it!

One of the most important and interesting visits was in November 2018 when I have picked one hostel and on my own went to London to discover the pre-Christmas city. This was something I have always wish to do – and it was a great decision! If you have not visited London yet, I am here to recommend you so cheap and nice accommodation so you probably change your mind and go there at the same time as me.

Top 5 hostels in London

You can find a lot of bed and breakfast accommodation, but after some time of searching I have tried one hostel for my visit and I made a good decision. Not only due to this hostel was in my favorite place – Kensington (just a few meters from Earls Court underground station), but the hostel was very pleasant, the accommodation and breakfast sufficient and it did not ruin my wallet at all!

Barmy Badger Backpackersis a hostel in a typical London house in a quiet place, where you can find a really friendly place to stay in for a very reasonable price.

Near to this hostel, there is a lot of pubs, shops, and before Christmas, whole Kensington looked like in a fairytale, a fantastic place to stay! And with the tube, you can get to the city center very fast.

Let‘s now look at the best 5 hostels I would recommend in London:

#1 Barmy Badger Backpacker


Barmy Badger Backpackers

Due to my personal experience, I would recommend this hostel due to the fantastic location, great and friendly accommodation, for a reasonable price. You can have breakfast (only basic one – cornflakes, toast, butter, fruit, milk, tea, coffee) and choose from a lot of accommodation possibilities –  from private double rooms to 6 Bed Mixed Dorm.

The staff is very friendly each time of the day and we can assure you there is a big chance to meet interesting people within this accommodation you can share your London experience with.

This hostel also offers free wifi and luggage storage (short-term storage is for free, long term is not), a good night sleeps on new memory foam mattresses and pillows, fully equipped kitchen, free tea and a coffee whole day.  There is a minimum age of the visitor set for 18, there is no upper age limit.

#2 Hostel One Notting Hill


Hostel one Notting Hill London

A great place where to meet interesting people is placed near the station Bayswater. Very good hostel evaluated as one of the top London hostels by former travelers! This hostel is a party hostel and if you like to meet other people, it is definitely a good choice! This hostel offers a variety of mixed dorms as well as private double and twin rooms, and serves each evening free dinner!

There is also free wi-fi available, free city maps, luggage storage, tea & coffee, hairdryers and iron available. The only disadvantage is there is no elevator due to is the hostel situated in a historic building with 5 floors, so be aware of that before planning your visit.

#3 Hostel One Camden


Hostel One Camden London

I believe Camden is one of the most exciting places in London – if you have not visited this place yet, I honestly recommend it – if not for accommodation, then only for fun, a great meal, and shopping. Reachable by bus from the city center and close to tube stations Belsize Park and Chalk Farm.

This hostel prepares each evening a free delicious dinner, has plenty of mixed dorms as well as double private rooms.

This hostel is a smaller one, but big enough to be social if you wish to. This hostel also offers super-fast wi-fi, free city maps. It is located above the pub (so if you really like silence in the evening, this probably won‘t be a good choice for you).

#4 Astor Museum Inn


Astor Museum Inn London

If you wish to stay right in the city center, you should choose this hostel with the hippie and relax atmosphere former visitors (in age 18 – 40) appreciate. This is a small hostel, but right near to Tottenham Court Road and Covent Garden underground stations, offers everything needed from a hostel – fast wi-fi, comfortable beds, and pillows, super clean bathrooms, wonderful fully equipped kitchens, all you can eat breakfast, free luggage storage and much more.

This hostel offers several dorms, the basic dorms are located one minute far from the main building, however, the guest could enjoy all hostel features.

#5 Wombats City Hostel London


Wombat city hostel London

Very well valuated hostel with a great atmosphere close to the Tower of London. If you like new, modern London and would like to fully enjoy your stay, this hostel is a great choice! This hostel is lead by travelers so they are aware of what most visitors need and requires – cleanliness, fast wi-fi in the entire building, city maps, luggage room, welcome drink.

There is a variety of dorms and private double rooms, there is also a huge Bar, a courtyard, and a cozy hangout area in the lobby – everything you can wish for a pleasant stay! You can enjoy a breakfast buffet with bread, cornflakes, yogurt, cheese, spread, fruits, orange juice, milk, coffee, tea and much more and if you wish you can also use a possibility of bike rental this hostel offers. There is only a minimum age limit set for 18, there is no upper age limit set.

Top 5 hostels in London


  • Rodarrick

    Hostel one notting hill is perfect for me and I like every bit of this. The hostels you have listed here are really great and I fancy all of these. For a start, it is not an easy thing to explore the great city of London. Getting the perfect hostel for shelter when visiting would just be perfect.  Thank you so much for sharing all these hostels here

  • Jessie

    Hey thank you for the awesome post!!  London is on the list of cities my wife and me want to go to one day, to learn about our ancestors, who primarily came from England and Ireland.  I was happy to see a post over hostels because they are cheap and entertaining to stay in.  I like the looks of Astor Museum Inn.  As you said, it’s right in town, and that’s how my wife and me like it, in the middle of all the fun and action!

  • Benson

    Hello Renata, London is a great city that lots of people have at heart to visit and its also in my bucket list for a place to go to comes this Christmas. One if the beauty of traveling to a city is having a good hotel to rest after a long journey. I love these hotels listed here by the little you have said, but I’ll love to make more inquiries about some other things like wifi, meals.

  • Twack Romero

    Although on this occasion I feel like I’ve missed the boat, I now have valuable information for the next time. Over the last six months, my son has visited London at least four times, twice he has stayed over. His mother has travelled down and they have shared accomodation for one to two nights. 

    Like you’ve said, there are plenty of bed and breakfats set ups but it’s not always easy to find those at the right price or with a guarantee that the rooms or surroundings are going to reflect the price or recommendation, if you’ve managed to find one.

    I know over the next six months there will be further visits planned and I’ve sent this link to my wife so she can browse through and maybe make some further enquiries into a couple of your choices. I do know that the appointments are very near Kensington so the ‘Barmey Badger Backpacker’ looks very favourable.

  • Jake

    Hi, I have never been to London but I have always wanted to go. I have heard that there are a lot of rich people in London. I think that it is a gorgeous city with many beautiful buildings. I love the idea of visiting.

    I have only met a few British people in my life, but they were all nice. I did not know that it was expensive to visit, so  I guess that’s just they way it is.

    I will be honest, when I thought of staying in a hostel, I thought of some piece of crap and unsafe place to stay.  but I like that you showed the pictures of what they look like.

    It looks like it might be a pretty good experience, I would recommend doing more research on where ever you decide to stay, to ensure the best possible experience (and that it is safe and all that).


  • Bella

    Very interesting one here about London. London is a great city of may beauties and live. Nothing beats the atmosphere here and the reception from the people and the liveliness in this city. It is just simply a great place and would be awesome to spend the Christmas holiday. I love the WiFi and the other features provided by most hostels listed here. Thanks

  • Shan

    Thank you for your great hostel suggestions! I have wanted to visit London for as long as I can remember and I’m FINALLY in the planning stages. My hope is to solidify my plans and visit the city next year. 

    The only problem is I do not know the exact dates I will be in the area just yet. Is it possible to make a reservation now to lock in a great price and change the date in the future if need be? Thanks again, I really appreciate you sharing your experiences!

    • Renata

      Hello Shan!

      It is nice to hear that you plan to go to London next year, we wish you the plan comes true and you will visit this fantastic city!

      In relation to the dates – unforunately it does not work this way – if you change the dates of your stay, the price will be changed as well and will be based on the current price. So there is not possible to lock the price – at least not through the booking portals, we cooperate with.

      As the flight tickets are also sometimes offered cheaper to be booked earlier than later, we suggest to book them first and try to find some suitable hostel for the chosen date. Also, the bookings changes from time to time (some people cancel it on the last time), so no panic when there is no free room right away in the property you desire to stay in!

      Hopefully, is our answer sufficient, if you would like to get more tips in relation to London all over, just leave us a comment. We are here to help!

      Bye Renata

  • Jen

    Great post. It’s my dream to visit London, my aunt lives there and i am planning to visit her soon. I’ve never stayed at hostels before, your post is motivating me to try them. I love how organize your website is and it’s easy to find things. Thank you!

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