Top hostels in Rome

Top hostels in Rome/Italy

Rome – my favorite Italian city I love with the deep of my heart. Not only due to the size of the city (you really can cross this city in a half a day without using any public transport), but also due to historic value, breathtaking fountains and amounts of squares you can chill and enjoying unique Italian experience! So, if you are looking for the best hostels in Rome, you are in the right place!

The first time I was in Rome – it was the year 2012 and there was still an economic crisis so there were not so many tourists in the middle of October 2012. Lately, I have appreciated this very much (lack of tourists, not the Economic crisis, of course), because just 2 years later it was a hell to walk through the city (in the same period of the year – half of October) due to amount of the people traveling that time to Rome – as me:).

top hostels in Rome

Same time – my first visit in 2012 was also the first time I have used a hostel for my accomodation. As I have traveled with my mom, was this choice quite risky and I had no idea how it will look like – I just knew it is very close to the city center, price is very reasonable, we should have breakfast and newly renovated double room – this was all I knew about the accomodation before traveling.

What a surprise it was when we have come with the airport transfer bus to Termini Train station (very nice place by the way) and realized the property is just 50 meters away from this bus stop – in a quiet street just around the corner!

After checking-in, we figured out another great thing – our double room (newly renovated and decorated that time) was hidden so well so we did not hear much noise in the night and had a modern and very comfy double room for a great price! Unfortunately, this hostel is not valuated so well by other travelers and due to my older experience with this property it won‘t be listed here – but if you are curious about which hostel it was, you can find it and book here.

Let‘s now look at the best hostels in Rome and be ready for a ride! Because where else you can stay in a building build in 17th century or feel like in the movie Holiday in Rome, well?

#1 Blue Hostel

Blue Hostel Rome

You do not find dorms in this hostel, but designer family rooms if you wish to stay in some – other than that this property offers mainly double and triple rooms – all with private bathrooms. Rooms are also equipped with air-conditioning, LCD TV, free wi-fi and wooden floors.

Blue Hostel is located in the city center – close to all important places within convenient walking distance including Colosseum.

#2 The RomeHello Hostel


RomeHello Hostel

More traditional kind of hostel and the Italian kind itself – RomeHello Hostel becomes very popular lately and is very well evaluated by former visitors due to friendly and helpful staff, great location, modern look, and cleanness. There is also free wi-fi available, café and a vending machine available in this property.

You can find there several kinds of dorms and also private double rooms and female dorms.  All bunks have their light, plugs, a shelf and a USB charger for mobile phones. Towels could be borrowed at the 24 hours opened reception. The artistic design scheme is visible in the common areas of this hostel, there is a beer garden, lounge, and bar available for its visitors!

Located just 7 minutes’ walk from Termini station is this hostel a great starting point for discovering Rome!

#3 Free Hostels Roma


Free Hostel Roma

If you are looking for a unique, new hostel concept in the heart of Rome, this hostel could be one of the best choices! This property offers high-quality service and comfortable accommodation at a very affordable price a few steps away from the most important ancient sites of the eternal city.

There is a 24 hours opened reception, free wi-fi within the whole property and there is an international breakfast buffet ready each morning in a fully equipped common area. Big terrace is a great place to chill out and meet other travelers, you can also use the bar, which is a part of this hostel!

#4 Meininger Roma Termini


Meininger Roma Termini


Another new hostel in Rome – close to Termini Train Station and all Rome´s sights – is called Meininger Roma Termini hostel. This property has been opened in 2018. This hostel offers free wi-fi, 24 hours reception, fully equipped kitchen, snack machine, hotel bar with lounge and game zone.

There is all-you-can-eat breakfast available (not for free), luggage lockers, laundry machines and also garage for those, who travel by car! There are private double and triple rooms as well as dorms available. Towels are available in the double rooms only, so do not forget to take yours if you plan to stay in one of the dorms!

All rooms are equipped with a flat TV-screen, private bathroom with high-quality furnishing, there are linen and luggage lockers available in each room as well as reading lamps and socket are available for each bunk.

#5 The Yellow


The Yellow


Yes, you can see correctly – this hostel is a party hostel but the party means here – there is a nightclub directly in this property! So, if you want to go to Rome for partying, this is a great place to stay (at least you do not need to go far when you get drunk, right?).  There is a bar, where you can watch live rock bands and burlesque shows or even grab the karaoke mic yourself!

The hostel is located in the heart of Rome, close to Termini train station, where there are also metro and buses to the city center and just a few minute’s walks to all important sights.

You can enjoy private rooms as well as mixed or female-only dorms. All rooms have clean sheets, air-conditioning, and free Wi-fi. There are deposit boxes and luggage lockers in the dorms (not in each) and each bunk has it‘s reading lamp and socket available. You can also cook a family meal in the common kitchen or use the hostel restaurant instead.

As you can see each hostel has its own pros and cons and I would have trouble to choose only one when planning to visit Rome for the third time. Still, it always depends on what is the purpose of your trip and with whom are you traveling. Rome is a fantastic city, but its popularity becomes very crowded, especially during the season – mid-March – May, and October –  November.

Going there in Summer months could be very annoying due to a high temperature so I would not recommend it. Going there around Christmas would not be such experience due to air humidity and therefore cold feeling even in higher temperatures than we have in middle Europe those periods of time. So the season months are really the best for visiting Rome and if you go there during weekdays, it would not be such crowded.


Top hostels in Rome


Honestly, I have never had so big wow moments during traveling than in Rome – see Colosseum and Pantheon for the first time was such experience I cannot describe – it needs to be experienced by yourself. The history talks to you from the first moment, the sacred feeling in Vatikan when staying on the St.Peter‘s square or visiting the St. Peter‘s Basilika (based on my opinion is this church the most beautiful church – at least in Europe) would touch even the most incredulous person. So even though there is a lot of tourist around, is Rome a place worth to visit!

10 thoughts on “Top hostels in Rome/Italy

  1. I have never been to Rome, however, I’ve always thought of hostels as being run down, insect infested and dirt cheap for lodgers to sleep for 1 night and move on.

    I had no idea the quality of the hostels you’ve written about are so good. If I ever do visit Rome ,thanks to your review of the local hostels ,I would definitely consider staying in one now.

    1. Dear Dave,

      Thank you for your kind comment and for stopping by! The hostels now, not only in southern Europe become so modern, renovated and most of them have great atmosphere so it wort to consider staying there. We are happy to show some great hostels in Rome and wish you a great trip if you decide to visit this fantastic city!

      Bye Renata

  2. I would love to visit Rome again, such a city that filled with history. Last I visited I went to my family and of course my father paid for a nice hotel but this time I Am going on a budget. Free Hostels Roma looks very promising to me. I love the fact that it is 24 hour. Thank you for all the recommendations! Cannot wait to visit Rome again. By the way are all the hostels in a safe area? Last I visited I noticed that there were so many pickpocketers and it can be tricky to travel with just 2 girls.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello Nuttanee!

      Thank you for your kind comment regarding our Rome hostels review. In each capital city are pickpockets, unfortunately, if you stay in the city center you just need to be aware of crowded places from them. Other than that and if you not going to a suburb, you should be ok, but always are not recommended for a woman alone going to unknown places:)

      We hope you will visit Rome soon and take some recommendations about the ideal hostel in Rome into consideration.

      Have a great time!

      Bye Renata

  3. I’ve never traveled outside the American continent but I have heard horror stories of rundown hostels across Europe. These stories have given me a negative view of traveling outside the country.

    Looking at Yellow Hostel in Rome makes me want to visit it though. Its great that you’re providing info on quality hostels to people like me who are fearful of travel.

    1. Dear Dave,

      That is really a pity you have a fear to travel outside America´s continent, but I understand why. Anyway, hostels in Europe became very modern and you can get a lot for a very reasonable price! And as a plus you can meet great people there, exchange experience and contacts – this is what I love about traveling alone, to be honest.

      If you decide to visit Rome, you won´t regret it as it is a fantastic, historical city with a unique atmosphere! And if you like pizza, you cannot find better than in Italy, I assure you that! Italian gastronomy is irreplaceable, therefore I travel to Italy quite often and always gain few kilos:).

      Have a great time and wish you all the best!

      Bye Renata

  4. Rome is a city that can suit travelers who need to save money without reducing comfort, satisfaction, and well being in the bargain.

    Rome is the capital city of Italy and one of the most attractive cities in Europe. It is ridden with amazing design, historic attractions, and small cobblestone streets. Its many well-known landmarks including the magnificent Colosseum will make your stay in the city one that will be remembered for life. Thanks for this wonderful article

    1. Hello Mugalu!

      Thank you for your kind comment! It is the truth as you are saying, Rome is one of the most attractive cities in Europe. I had a great time when I was there and I would recommend anyone to visit this place.

      Thank you for your highlights and wish you all the best!

      Bye Renata

  5. Although I have not had any personal experience with hostels, my wife did during her visit to Australia many years ago and she found the experience quite enjoyable.  I can imagine that experience in Rome would most likely be the same.

    We have been thinking about planning a trip to Switzerland and Austria sometime in the future, adding a side trip to Rome probably wouldn’t be that difficult.

    Not sure we would use hostels (we are retired) but, I’m sure that there are options like B n B’s that might be suitable.  Actually, upon reflection, perhaps hostels would be an option since your descriptions make them sound like a BnB European style.

    Do you have any idea about the availability of these hostels?  Does one have to reserve far in advance or, is it first come?

    Thanks for giving us some food for thought.  We are definitely going to consider that option.


    1. Hello Wayne!

      Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment!

      There is a lot of private rooms in the hostels, which could be surprising and you should await that although the hostels offer this kind of accomodation, there could be more noise from the dorms or from the clubs/bar, which are very often part of those hostels. So you should be aware of that.

      For the booking and your question – as soon you do the reservation, the price is better and there are more options to be chosen from – so I definitely recommend to book the hostel at least 3 months before you go. Of course, you could be lucky and find some great room for a great price just few days before traveling, but I am not the kind of person and I love to have certainty in this:).

      Have a great time!

      Bye Renata

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