best hostels in Stockholm

Top hostels in Stockholm/Sweden

Stockholm – the capital city of Sweden is definitely a city worth to visit! Especially if you are a fan of Stieg Larsson‘s trilogy Millenium as I am, you probably desire to visit this city with its vibrant atmosphere to see the famous places appeared in the books.

Like the other Scandinavian cities, Stockholm is also quite expensive. Therefore is finding some cheap, fancy hostel a great idea, especially when we can assure you to stay in a hostel in Stockholm means to feel like in at least 3-stars hotel! If you pick the one I had in one November weekend in 2019, you will have enough comfort for your stay, I assure you that!

Most of the best hostels are located in the city center, closed to all important sightseeing places like Gamla Stan (Old town), Royal Palace, shopping streets and Cityterminalen, where the buses and trains arrive and depart to and from the city airport (Arlanda mostly). If we are talking about Arlanda – I have never seen so nice, friendly and small airport as Arlanda is (also there is really easy to find whatever you need due to compact size of the airport and the signs everywhere).

Also, it takes just 45 minutes to get to the airport by bus and 20 minutes by train from the city center – buses are much cheaper than the train when you book them in advance (we recommend to book the tickets at least 2 months in advance).

top hostels in Stockholm


The one hostel I have picked for my visit was the Generator Hostel Stockholm. If you are looking for a party hostel and also for a hostel, where all ages could find something for them, this hostel is a great choice! There are plenty of chill-out zones, where you can meet other people. You can pick from a large selection of different, either private or mixed dorms. There is even the night club on the ground floor so if you want to party, there is no need to go far from the hostel!

I have picked the 4-bed mixed dorm with a private bathroom- due to my previous experience with this kind of dorm I have expected to meet interesting people, which fulfills my expectations. Still, if you want to have some rest instead of partying, I fully recommend asking for a higher floor room/dorm so the music from the club is not so hearable.

There is a possibility to buy food in this hostel – breakfast as well as dinner. I did and it worths the money. Also, sitting in the lobby or other chill-out zone was very pleasant – there is a lot of space to do so. It was also located a few steps to the city center and Cityterminalen, so it takes a few minutes to get whatever you wish to!

Generator hostel Stockholm

If you feel you would also choose this hostel, I would like to recommend a few things before you go there: take a towel with you and earplugs – this is due to the noise from the night club and towels are not included in the price of the accomodation- pity to pay 50 SEK just for borrowing one. Allover was the price very reasonable and I was happy to have the experience with this hostel. Still, if I would have the chance to pick a hostel for my next trip, I would choose some smaller one (probably located in the old city), but this is just my personal feeling.

Let´s now see the best what Stockholm offers in relation to the hostel accomodation, based on personal experience and the recommendation of former customers:

#1 Castanea Old Town Hostel


Castanea Old town hostel

One of the top-rated hostels in Stockholm is located in Gamla Stan (Old Town) and therefore very closed to the main sightseeing places. This is a smaller, cozy hostel with a pleasant chill-out zone, kitchen you can use whenever you want. Suitable for families as well as for single travelers, you can meet here Swedish as well as foreign visitors.

This hostel offers private rooms as well as mixed dorms. You would need to take the bed linen with you or there is a possibility to rent some. There is free wi-fi reachable within the whole property and it is declared this hostel is eco-friendly. By the underground closed to the hostel you can get whether you want – Vasa Museum, Skansen or walking to the Royal Palace or other shopping venues.

#2 City Backpackers Hostel


City backpackers hostel

This hostel has been voted as No.1 in Stockholm by former visitors, located in a quiet and safe place in Stockholm, still so close to all important sightseeing points! It offers private rooms and mixed/female dorms as well. If you looking for a hostel you can get a lot of extra services like free skate rental,  sauna, enjoy movie nights, heated shower floors or free computer usage, this hostel would be a great choice!

There are several common areas in this property, where you can meet other travelers from all around the world! There is free and fast wi-fi in the whole hostel, there is a fully equipped kitchen available for the guest and restaurant and bar named Nomad. You can enjoy a typical Swedish kitchen in the Nomad restaurant.

#3 Generator Stockholm


Generator Stockholm

Another choice we have picked and due to personal experience, we can recommend Generator Stockholm- – modern and stylish hostel, very close to the Cityterminalen for Arlanda buses and trains, and to all important sightseeing places, cafés, and shopping venues.

There is laundry in this property available as well as a lot of social chill-out zones. There is an age restriction for the guest since the age of 16 in private and since 18 in dorms to be accomodated. The Nasa Museum and the Royal Palace, as well as Gamla Stan, is just a short walk from this property. The staff is multilingual, kind and professional, ready and happy to advise on everything related to your visit.

#4 STF Youth hostel af Chapman


Youth hostel af Chapman

Stayin on the boat? What? If you are looking for some unique experience, staying on the boat is clearly a great idea! This hostel is located in the city center on the island of Skeppsholmen. From this boat, you can overlook to Gamla Stan and the Royal Palace. The reception is located in a beautiful yellow building next to the boat. There are other accomodation capacities in this building.

All rooms on the ship have bunk beds. Some of the cabins have been restored back to the original style. From the hostel, you are closed to all museums (Vasa, Skansen), restaurants, and entertainments. You can go by bus to the city center or Cityterminalen.

There is an ecological breakfast buffet available, 24 hours reception and free Wi-fi everywhere in the property. There are private rooms and mixed dorms (up to 6 people) available to be booked. This property is fully cash-free. Guests could use also a fully equipped kitchen. Former visitors appreciate the unique atmosphere, cleanness and helpful staff.

#5 Langholmens Vandrarhem


Langholmens Vandrarhem

Another unique experience could be enjoyed in the popular island – Langholmen, known for its bars, restaurants, theatres, galleries and lively atmosphere. This property has been established in the former prison! Mostly it looks like prison still, especially the interior.  They serve delicious breakfast every morning (not for free), there is 24 hours reception and free and fast Wi-fi available in the whole building. There is also internet café so there is no need to take your own pc.

There are public transport stops near to this property, so no worry to get to the city center fast and conveniently. Be also aware the linen and towels are not included in the price so you should keep them with you or rent them by the reception during check-in for not so small price, so we recommend to take yourself with you.

Accomodation is in well-equipped cells with or without a private bathroom. All rooms have bunk beds, even twin rooms! There are a bar and restaurant on this property as well. During summer there is a nice beach near this property, you can also rent a bike here!


top hostels in Stockholm

Whether you choose to stay in a classic building, boat or former prison, be prepared to get a great service, comfy beds, and tasty breakfast wherever property you stay! We also recommend to buy some public transport ticket and discover the Stockholm underground – some of the stations have a unique design worth to be seen, and if it helps you shorten the time of getting from one place to another, it would be a great experience in each case.

Be also prepared for a lot of souvenirs enticement shops (mainly in Gamla Stan) and a huge shopping offer – you can buy some Scandinavian home decor or sweets as a great memento of your visit.

I was in Stockholm in pre-Christmas time so I enjoyed the fantastic Swedish Glögg and the decoration all over the city (especially in the evening). Be also aware based on the time of the year you come to Stockholm, the day/night could be prolonged. In November the light was only from 8:50 am to 3 p.m, in the Summer there is almost no night (June – July especially).

I am really a big fan of Scandinavia due to great services offered, kind, multilingual and educated people (sometimes a little bit cold, but nobody‘s perfect and this is actually quite known about the northern nations), and the newly renovated cities, which offers great gastronomy (you pay quite a lot, but it worth the price, trust me), a lot of shopping possibilities and also interesting museums (as Vasa, Skansen, ABBA Museum in this case).

12 thoughts on “Top hostels in Stockholm/Sweden

  1. Hi thanks for the post on hostels in Stockholm. I have never really had any interest in visiting Stockholm until I read your article. Scandinavia sounds so interesting and the hostels you described sound really nice and comfortable. The only thing that worries me is I don’t know whether I would prefer more daylight or more night time. I really enjoyed the post.

    1. Hello Marc,

      Thank you for your kind comment! Yes, this is it – light or night time – but if you maybe visit this city in spring or autumn (but with a lot of tourists), there will be enough from both – only the middle of summer and winter are the most extreme conditions with light and night.
      Still is this city fantastic with a great atmosphere and I highly recommend visiting it. I desired to visit Stockholm for a long time and finally my dreams came true and I do not regret! It is also important to say that it is safe there in the city center. Have a great time and wish you all the best! Bye Renata

  2. I always had a desire to visit Sweden but I am aware that visiting a city like Stockholm could be very expensive. I am very happy to find this article, I never knew that we have options of staying at such awesome hostels there which will definitely save a lot of my money that I can spend for other purposes.

    Just by reading you explaining the atmosphere makes me want to pack my bag right now :)..I am thrilled to hear about the af Chapman sailing ship, I would love to use a kitchen in the ship during such vacation, that will be a dream holiday really but, Generator Hostel, where you stayed would also be perfect for me if I am going there with friends because I love to party. This is a great list, going to bookmark this page for the future.

    1. Hello!

      Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment! Honestly, I do not see Stockholm as the most expensive city – Oslo or Copenhagen are much worse, based on my experience, But, it is definitely worth to consider to find some cheap, but comfortable and nicely located property to stay in and spend the money for a great gastronomy Stockholm offers. Yes, the Generator hostel offers nightlife – there were lot of people during my visit so there is a great way how to meet interesting people from all over the world as well from Sweden (I had a Swedish girl in my dorm and it was very refreshing to discuss with her about our lives). So fully recommend this city as well as all the listed hostels and wish you a great time if you decide to go there!
      Bye Renata

  3. Wow. You did a great job. I want to go in Stockholm in this December with my wife. We really love this city and we are searching for a low price hotel somewhere closer to the center of the city.

    We definitely  will chose Langholmens Vandrarhem. Me and my wife a beautiful love story. We met in the student dorms and this hotel has exactly the beds we had there. We will definitelywill  like it very much.
    Thanks for this help and we look forward to seeing other cities as beautiful as Stockholm.

    Best wishes.

    1. Hello!

      This is a great story, I love it! Thank you for sharing it with me and I am very happy to offer something like Langholmens hostel to you to remind you about meeting your wife! December is a great time for visiting Stockholm, the lack of light should not discourage you as there is fantastic Christmas lighting in the city and it is great to enjoy it during the night. Enjoy the great Glögg in Gamla stan as I did:). Thank you for visiting our website and for your kind comment!

      Bye Renata

  4. Hi Renata,

    I am planning to visit Stockholm this year, so this post is very useful for me. I think I prefer the Generator Hostel Stockholm. It is my first time staying in a hostel and not a private room, so I have 0 experience on the matter. It is better to go to a place where I will meet people, right? Also, would you suggest visiting Stockholm during the spring or summer?

    1. Hello!

      Thank you for your kind comment! I definitely recommend accommodation in a hostel especially due to the chance to meet interesting people. Believe me, almost all people in the hostel count with the possibility to meet someone interesting – not even in the room/dorm, but mostly in the chill-out zones or in the bars/restaurants. In relation to the ideal time for a visit – I visited Stockholm in Summer and it was really nice, I have visited it in Winter and maybe it was better for me (I do not like warmer weather) – so this is just up to you mostly. I really enjoyed winter Stockholm due to it is more authentic to me:).

      I wish you a great visit and a great Stockholm experience!

      Bye Renata

  5. Hello admin thanks for this wonderful article about top hostels in Stockholm. It has really been an interesting and enjoyable article from its beginning to its end because I have enjoyed watching different hostels you have mentioned and they looked so fantastic and I have fall in love with generator Stockholm hostel because of its features and am willing to pay a visit soon. Thanks very much admin 

    1. Hello!

      Thank you for your kind comment! I am glad to show some interesting accomodation possibilities, hopefully you will choose some of them during your visit to Stockholm. If so, I wish you a great time in Stockholm!
      Thank you for stopping by!

      Bye Renata

  6. I have been to Stockholm many times, and all of these hostels are highly recommended.
    I tried most of them, also, from stf chapman it’s not very far to walk to the Vasa museum,
    one of the best museums in the world. It has a whole ship indoors that sank hundreds of years ago. 

    Definitely worth a visit!

    1. Hello Bernie!

      Nice to hear from someone, who has a similar experience as me, just I was in Stockholm second time only:). so you have quite a lead in it. I will be happy if you point our some disadvantage of some hostel (if you can see some) so our visitors could better see which one is more suitable to them – not all are suitable to all visitors – e.g. I almost always prefer smaller property, but this time I have chosen a bigger one. So next time I would pick a smaller hostel definitely. Anyway, thank you for your kind comment and for stopping by! Bye Renata

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